Seamus and Marie Moore Memorial Feis 2021
The John Brooks Memorial Cup

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Saturday 10th July 2021
Kings Langley Secondary School
Love Lane
Kings Langley

To all Teachers, Parents and Dancers,

Welcome to the Seamus and Marie Moore Memorial Feis incorporating the John Brooks Memorial Cup.

The John Brooks Memorial Cup
Since our last event in 2019, we sadly lost our wonderful husband, dad, grandad and teacher John Brooks ADCRG. In order to remember John, and his outstanding contribution to Irish Dancing we will be hosting a Champion of Champions competition open to all dancers who place in the top 3 in the open championships on the day. The competition is free, and will be adjudicated by 3 of our panel randomly selected from a hat on the day. Our overall champion will receive a beautiful perpetual crystal award, and will receive an additional prize!!
JB was one in a million, and we will remember him through his love of music and dance always.


Online Entry System
After a long 16 months we are delighted to host our event without COVID19 restrictions in place! In order to maintain good practice and monitor the amount of dancers and parents on site on the day, all entries and spectators must be registered and paid for in advance online at

• Payment must be made via our secure entry system using credit/debit cards only at the time of entry.
• Closing date for entries is Monday 28th June 2021 - the timetable will be finalized and published on Wednesday 30th June 2021.
• A confirmation email will be sent to the email address listed after your entry has been submitted.
• You will be required to print your number in advance and bring it with you on the day.
• Entries will not be accepted via text, email or social media platforms.
• Admittance is subject to a valid confirmation being shown via a print out or electronically, showing all spectator tickets and
confirmation of dancer entry – TCRG’s do not need to pre-book a spectator ticket unless registering a child, but will be required to show their teachers card upon entry.
• Please make sure you enter the correct dances - entries once submitted are final and there will be no refunds made.
• Entries can be submitted by parents and teachers, however a confirmation entry will be sent to all teachers after the closing date detailing their overall entry.


Data Protection – Personal Information Collection

Privacy Statement
As a Feis Organiser and a member of An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha (CLRG), I aim to protect all users information in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018. Please see the link below for more information:
As a member of CLRG I comply with the CLRG GDPR Regulations, a link can be found below:

We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure. In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, we have put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect.

Personal Information Collection
As a Feis Organiser some personal data is required to be shared in order to gain information about who is taking part in our competition. This information will be given to the Feis Organiser by Registered Teachers.
The personal data that will be obtained is as follows:
• Competitor Full Name
• Competitor Date of Birth
• Name of the Dance School at which the Competitor dances
This information may be shared with the following third parties:
• Southern England Regional Council
• Tabulation Team
• Feis Photographer (Name, School and Age group only)
If you have any concerns with the way your data is being collected, stored or used please contact the Feis Organiser.

Feis Sock
Our Open Championships have been kindly sponsored by Feis Sock! All of our champions will receive a complimentary pair of Feis Socks!

Feis Vendors
We are delighted to welcome back the following vendors for 2021
• Melaine Gammage
• Redmond Rose
• BBling
• Chris Skehill

All of our awards will be given out in our dedicated presentation area.

Top 5 in all of our Preliminary and Open Championships will receive trophies and sashes. All dancers will be placed in round 1 and 50% in rounds 2 & 3. Top 3 in all grade dances will receive trophies.

Grade Trophies / Medals will be awarded in accordance with the minimum requirements as laid down by the Southern England Regiona lCouncil:

• 2 medal where there is 5 OR less competitors
• 4 medals where there are 6-10 competitors
• 7 medals where there are 11-20 competitors
• 10 medals where there are 21-30 competitors
• 14 medals where there are 31- 40 competitors
• 1 medal for each additional 5 or part of 5 competitors.


There will be a recall in all preliminary and open championships where there are 20 or more competitors.

2nd Chance Reel
There will be a 2nd chance reel competition in all of our grades! We all know how nervous our grade dancers can be, especially when they have not competed for so long, so we are giving everyone the opportunity to dance their reel again for FREE. Both competitions will count for grading purposes.


Food and Drink
A full hot and cold canteen will be available from 7:30am.

All enquiries should be directed to Sinead Brooks ADCRG at No entries will be accepted via email.

We look forward to welcoming you all back to our feis, we have missed our dancing family and can’t wait to see you all in July!

Phyllis Brooks
Ciaron Brooks ADCRG, Sinead Brooks ADCRG, Aislinn Brooks TCRG

Fiona Maguire ADCRG Ulster
Don McCarron ADCRG Ulster
Catherine Flannigan ADCRG Ulster
Tanya Dirrane Hobbs ADCRG Southern England
Stephen McAteer ADCRG Southern England
Aileen Madden ADCRG Southern England
Michael McInerney ADCRG Southern England
Julie Loughlin ADCRG Southern England
Catherine Collins ADCRG Southern England

Aiden O’Neill Southern England
Dean Crouch Southern England
Liam O’Sulliivan Southern England


Entry Fees
Grade solos £5.00
Preliminary Championships (including 3 solos) £35.00
Open Championships (including 3 solos) £35.00
Single dancer maximum £50.00
Family Maximum £90.00
Door Entry per Spectator (Pre-Paid) £5.00 (£7.00 on-the-day)

• Payment must be made via our secure entry system using credit/debit cards only at the time of entry.*
• Closing date for entries is Monday 28th June 2021 - The Timetable will be finalized and published on Wednesday 30th June 2021.

*Card processing fee of £1 per transaction.

Base Hotel
The Comet Hotel
St Albans Rd W, Ha�ield AL10 9RH
01707 932700








1. Lodgment of entries implies that you acknowledge and accept all of the Rules of An Coimisiun Le Rinci Gaelacha and the Southern England Regional Council plus the additional rules listed below, rela  to the Feis.

2. Entries will only be accepted from Schools registered with An Coimisiun Le Rinci Gaelacha and entry forms must be signed by the registered teacher. Entries with no fee will not be processed or acknowledged.

3. New entries may be taken on the day of the Feis in line with SERC late entry rule.

4. Ages to be taken from 1st January 2021

5. All competitors may be required to produce their birth certficate / passport as proof of age.

6. Competitors must dance in their own age group for solo competitions except where there is no competition in their age group for that particular dance. Dancers cannot compete in a younger age group.

7. All decisions of the Adjudicators are FINAL.

8. Committee members only may approach the Adjudicators.

9. ALL Grade Competitions are OPEN to all Regions.

10. Competitors may only dance each dance in one grade

11. Where there are five or less competitors in a competition, results will not affect their grading.

12. In all Heavy dances the lead around must be danced on both the right and left foot.

13. A Novice is a dancer who has not gained a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in a Novice Grade competition or any medal in a higher grade for that particular dance.

14. The basic step rule will apply to all Novice competitions as per the Southern England Regional Council.

15. The Primary Grade is for dancers who have not won a 1st or 2nd place for that particular dance in any Age Group.

16. Competitors in Bun Grad & Tus Grad, up to and including the Under 12 age group, may only wear traditional class costumes or long/short-sleeved blouses/shirts & skirts/trousers, polo tops & skirts/ trousers, body suits & skirts or tunics that conform to the regular costume length rule. Low-cut tops and short tight skirts are not permitted. Make- up will not be permitted for any dancer in the first two grades (Bun Grad & Tus Grad) up to and including the Under 12 age group worldwide. For the purpose of this rule the term “make up” includes tinted moisturiser and any artificial tanning products.

17. The Intermediate Grade is for dancers who have not won a 1st place for that particular dance in a particular Age Group, or who has not won a Premier competition, Preliminary Championships or Open Championship.

18. Intermediate competitors can dance their grade dances and either the Preliminary or Open Championship.

19. Preliminary Championships - A minimum number of three Adjudicators must officiate. The first age group for a Preliminary Championship is Under 10. Where a Preliminary Championship is held separate from an Open Championship, three rounds should be offered, namely; Reel or Slip Jig, Heavy Jig or Hornpipe and any Set Dance. Where a Preliminary Championship is combined with an Open Championship, then the result should be taken from eligible dancers’ ranking after the first two rounds. Where there are separate Preliminary and Open Championships, dancers can compete in both at the discretion of the Feis organiser. Where a competitor wins two Preliminary Championships they must dance in Open Championship for a period of 12 months thereafter.

o For grading purposes, two wins will be taken as being in any two year rolling period. Where a dancer does not win a second Preliminary within two years of winning their first Preliminary Championship, then the first win will be deemed as having expired and the dancer starts afresh.

o Where there are less than 6 in a Preliminary Championship that win will not normally be considered for grading purposes. However, where a dancer wins three Preliminary Championships regardless of the number of competitors in each competition, that dancer must dance in Open Championship for a period of 12 months thereafter. Dances performed in a Preliminary Championships do not count for grading in solo competitions. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, and until further notice, please note the following:

a) All dancers*, who are included on the official confirmed list of qualifiers for Oireachtas Rince na Cruinne 2022, are not eligible to compete in Preliminary Championships untill further notice. *This excludes dancers that auto qualified at their Regional or National Oireachtas due to lack of numbers.

b) Where a dancer has placed 1st – 3rd in an Open Championship with up to 20 competitors, or 1st – 5th in an Open Championship with more than 20 competitors, they cannot compete in a Preliminary Championship for a period of 12 months thereafter. (This rule becomes effective immediately (18th April 2021)

20. Competitors can only dance in either Preliminary or Open Championship; they may not compete in both (At Feis Organisers discretion)
21. Competitions may be combined at the Feis Organisers discretion if only one competitor is entered.
22. The points above apply when a dancer competes from Under 10 & upwards. A dancer, who has been placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in an Open Championship in the age groups below Under 10, will be eligible to compete in Preliminary Championships. (Teachers are advised / requested to use their own discretion)
23. A Panel of Three Adjudicators will judge all Championships from Under 6 upwards
24. An Coimisiun has ruled that from 1st January of each year, that no block, en pointe, stationary or moving be allowed to be performed
for all ages up to and including the under 12 age group Worldwide. The Under 12 Age Group will be allowed to Toe Walk from 1st September.
25. The Feis Organiser must provide Non-Slip flooring for every dance surface, however the Feis Organiser cannot accept any liability for injury sustained whilst dancing.
26. Any competitor found to be using artificial carriage aids and subsequently refuses to remove same will be subject to
disqualification from that particular competition. Medically prescribed apparatus, proof of which may be required, will be exempt from this ruling
27. In order to comply with the health and safety measures, all dancers lining up side stage prior to any round of a competition will be required to perform the simple exercise of raising arms to shoulder level unhindered. If unable to do this due to costume s�tching or any arm attachments by the �me of their rotation will not be permitted to perform
28. Make-up Rules (4.5 in CLRG Rule Book) 4.5.2 Make-up (including false eyelashes) is not permitted for dancers, in either solo or team competitions, up to and including the Under 10 age group (POINT OF CLARIFICATION) For the purposes of this rule the term "Make-up" includes tinted moisturiser and any artificial tanning products. An Coimisiún hopes that teachers and parents will interpret and apply this rule in the spirit in which it is intended
29. Dancers must be properly attired throughout the whole competition and must be in full costume and appropriate footwear when receiving awards. No changing allowed in competition areas.
30. Any form of unauthorized photography which has the capability to capture a dancer's image whilst in motion, using
electronic or manual means, e.g. mobile phone, standard camera, video camcorder, cine recorder, commercial film, with or
without flash enhancement, is expressly forbidden in ALL competition.
31. Photographs taken at awards ceremonies are permitted, however these must be for your own use and not used for public
display purposes, unless permission has been obtained.
32. Any competition can be moved to another hall at the discretion of the Feis Secretary.
33. All Championship cups are perpetual, and recipients will be responsible for any loss or damage and for the safe return in adequate time to be presented to subsequent winners.
34. Parents are responsible for the conduct of their children, at all times, whilst attending the Feis.
35. The Feis Organiser accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to personal property.
36. No Smoking, eating or drinking in any of the halls, except in designated areas.
37. Objections against any breach of the above rules must be made in writting, and signed, to the Feis Secretary and accompanied by a fee of £25.00, which will be refunded if the objection is upheld. If parents have any constructive comments to make about any aspect of Feiseanna, these would be welcomed by the council and should be put in writting. It should be noted that anonymous
correspondence cannot be dealt with.
38. The Feis Organiser has the right to refuse admission to the feis venue at their own discretion.

As Feis Organisers we are monitoring the current road map/government guidance in terms of the Covid-19 outbreak and will abide by all covid restrictions that may be in place at the time of the event. We will ensure that our venue is covid secure/risk assessed and will give details of any changes to this syllabus as the government announce them. We will update our syllabus to reflect any changes that may be required.